Fertility journey

This is a story, a beautiful story from a mother that i met through a Mom group. She is a beautiful mother of two now but this is her journey to get where she is now. I want to thank this Mother for her story, for it may help other not lose hope! We all […]

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Birth stories

Everyone’s birth story is different some were a breeze some not so much. Here are some ladies who have decided to share theirs. • So here’s my story of my labor. It was Saturday September 24th, 2016. I had left work early the previous day because I was having some minor cramping and brushed it […]

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My story: addiction 

My story.    My second son doesn’t live with me, he lives with his father in chicago. I lost custody’s of him. This is all because i was a active addict and i couldn’t get clean. I was a shit parent. My step father had my other son. Addiction can happen to anyone and it can […]

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So i recently started getting into the whole lipstick thing. And…. I’m really liking it. Here are some of my faves 💄 Urban Decay: blackmail comfort matte  Next is one of my go to lippies  NYX Soft matte lip creme: Aubu Dani Another absolute fave E.L.F (the stick ones) : praline Maybelline super stay matte […]

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My new adventure 

I started a new little side hobby/business AND I LOVE IT. it’s fun and people are coming to me for more! I figured i would share 🖤 Disney is my biggest addiction and i know so many others enjoy it too, so why not spend some extra time gettin crafty!?  Facebook page is Neverland Decor and […]

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Football mom

Last game of the season, late practices… long weeks. This is my sons first year and I’m not exactly sure how he feels. He loves football, on tv and YouTube at out at recess with his friends but, the coach’s didn’t play him much… kinda made the heart ache for him. I would watch him […]

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